Israel (First Name) Ag Nouh Yattara (Last Name) is my full name if you didn't notice. I'm originally from Timbuktu, Mali in W. Africa. No joke! I sit at the gates with men.

My aim is to fulfill The Great Commission laid out for Bible believers in Acts 1:8 to execute God's plan for their lives and help others do the same through Discipleship. I admit to being a bookworm. Let's grow together in the Holy Word of God / The Bible and connect on Goodreads!

My wife and I run a small eCrater e-Commerce shop coined INY Emporium (an offshoot of - we used to sell Medical Supplies & Survival Gear on Amazon and Bonanza, but pivoted to being more scalable and sourcing inventory locally). We mainly sell unused/used goods we have laying around or things we pick up along the way that holds little to no value to us. We are minimalists. We seldom drop-ship items as we enjoy selling our used books and making our own DIY products to sell directly to consumers as we are innovative. I enjoy troubleshooting! Anyways, my wife sells Creole Granola ( among many other things she does.

Contact me to let me know how I can be of assistance to you!